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Jacksonville Artificial Grass Installation

Invest In Your Lawn with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass installation in Jacksonville will reduce the ongoing monthly cost of your lawn which never ends and continues to add a burden to your family’s and/or business’s annual budget. But now that can all change with Artificial Turf Grass Solutions installations and here is how!

Investing in synthetic grass and artificial turf you can now “Own Your Lawn!” and say goodbye to that monthly bill that never ends! Now it is possible for you to control the process and design for the perfect lawn that your home or business deserves. It’s always green no matter the time of year and looks perfect every single day with minimal upkeep. By utilizing in artificial turf in Florida, you will immediately see a cost savings on water, landscaping and pest damage.

Financing Options

We offer financing options to all of our customers in Jacksonville. This makes owning your artificial grass lawn a reality for all and within reach for all budgets versus traditional landscaping. Typically, an average homeowner can pay off their lawn within 3 years and enjoy the freedom of not paying landscape, water and pesticide treatment bills for years and years to come!

Premium Artificial Grass and Artificial Pet Turf in Jacksonville

All of our artificial grass is made with the highest standard of manufacturing on the market and completed with a premium installation service by experienced installers in Jacksonville. We have a wide selection of different artificial grass for a variety of applications including Pet Turf, Sports Turf for fields, fake grass for residential/commercial projects and putting green turf!

With a variety of blade length, color options and drainage capabilities, we have an artificial turf to match each customers unique vision for their project.

No more dealing with problem areas in your lawn from:

  • Inconsistent Weather
  • Lawn pests
  • Sub-par lawn services
  • Broken sprinkler pipes and heads
  • Irrigation systems causing utility bills to skyrocket
  • No more fertilizers and pesticides around your pets and children
  • No more dirt or mud tracked in the house
  • Flood areas causing grass to die
  • Shaded areas resulting in limited grass growth and life span
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Jacksonville Artificial Turf Installation

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Our artificial grass are created with a propriety blend of eco-friendly materials which are made into synthetic fibers to look and feel like natural grass. 

Artificial turfs and artificial grasses are used on sports fields for their durability and low upkeep costs. With new technology, the industry has evolved from providing sports facilities with turf to allowing homeowners to utilize man-made grasses that look and feel like natural grasses with the same durability and ease of ownership that sport facilities have been enjoying for decades.

Yes! Artificial grass and artificial turf are absolutely safe for children and is great for playground surfaces. Some synthetic products are softer than natural grass, so falling during play doesn’t leave injuries. It produces no pollen, so kids and pets will likely see a reduction in allergies caused by organic grasses. In addition to the artificial grasses and turf, we also provide bases that go under the grass/turf that allow for cooling, padding and drainage!

Once again, Yes! Our products are incredibly pet-friendly and is used by many humane societies and professional pet boarding facilities. It doesn’t stain and urine drains through it. Any mess can be washed off with a hose. Typically, pets are not interested in digging into artificial grass lawns as they do not have the organics underneath that unleash your pet’s urge to dig and chew grasses.

According to home financial experts, an investment in quality landscaping adds value to your home. The real value is that a low-maintenance artificial grass lawn is a factor in selling a home quickly and for the highest price. Learn more about how our products and installation services can improve your property values.

Yes, our artificial grass products greatly reduces pests. It covers organic dirt, which prevents insects and pests from getting to their food source. Small animals, like rabbits and groundhogs, are not attracted to artificial grasses therefore deterring them from ruining your lawn!

Yes, an artificial grass lawn is safe for the environment. This product is made using environmental-friendly materials and helps conserve water.

More than 50 independent and credible studies from consumer protection such as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and statewide governmental agencies, have validated the safety of artificial grass (see Position Statements to learn more).

Recent highlights include:

  • In October 2010, the California Office of Environmental Assessment completed its multi-year study of air quality above crumb rubber infilled artificial grass, and bacteria in the artificial grass, and reported that there were no public health concerns.
  • In July 2010, a CT dept of health announced that a new study of the risks to children and adults playing on artificial grass fields containing crumb rubber infill shows “no elevated health risks.”
  • The CA state EPA released a report dated July 2009 which indicated there is a negligible human health risk from inhaling the air above artificial grass.


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